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Prof. Rakesh Shah Prof. Piyush Singh Prof. Mohit Goel Prof. Pooja Baiju Prof. Yash Biyani

Prof. Rakesh Shah The Physics Toofan

Professor of Advanced Physics | B.E, MU

Mr. Rakesh Shah has been a part of the teaching fraternity for more than 12 years. He has been coaching IIT-JEE & Medical aspirants for the better half of his career. He pursued his engineering degree in Electronics & Telecom from Mumbai University. Few of his work experiences include working for Yukti Coaching Classes for 5 years where he trained around 800-1000 students. He has also worked as the Director of Mindsetters, senior subject faculty for Clear Concepts and trained more than 6000 students in the last 8 years.

Biology | Dr. Sumedh Ukidave

B.H.M.S, C.C.H., C.G.O

Teaching Experience 14 yrs

Maths | Prof. Amir Khan

Msc in Mathematics

Teaching Experience 14+ yrs

Chemistry | Prof. Kavita Pal

M.Sc Organic Chemistry, B.Ed

Teaching Experience 5 years

Physics | Prof. Naresh Pareek

B.Tech in Mechanical Eng.

Teaching Experience 7+ years

Maths | Prof. Mohit Goel

B. Tech, IIT Roorkee

Teaching Experience 14+ years

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